Check Advance

Up to $425

Sometimes referred to as “Payday Loans”, Check Advances are short term, single payment loans to help you cover expenses until your next payday. Our Check Advances put money into your hands fast. You just write us a personal check or authorize us to print a check for you (on your checking or debit card account at a local bank) for the amount you want, plus a small fee. We advance cash to you that day for the amount you borrow and agree, by contract, to hold your check till your next payday. On your payday, we simply deposit your check and your account is paid in full without you needing to return to the office. If your situation changes and you need more time before we deposit your check, you can come into the office, buy your check back with cash and apply for a new loan. Click here to get an application and find out what you need to apply.


Up to $425

Check Advance Plus is the same as the Check Advance but with both a way to budget over a larger period of time and, in many cases, a lower rate or fee. Where the Check Advance loan is for short term needs that can be repaid by your next payday, the Check Advance Plus is a product tailored to meet short term needs by allowing you to reduce your loan size over a period of multiple paydays. Check Advance Plus loans are made at our preferred rates, subject to our usual credit and rate policies.


Up to $2000

For those occasions when you need more money or would prefer a longer payback period, The Cash Company offers Signature Advances. These installment loans of $100 to $2000 can be set up with repayment terms of 3 to 24 months. Click here to get an application and find out what you need to apply.


SERVICES COMPARISON Check Advance Check Advance Plus Signature Advance
Can I repay in one payday? check-mark check-mark check-mark
Can I repay over several paydays? check-mark check-mark
Can I repay with several monthly payments? check-mark
Do I need to have a checking account? check-mark check-mark
Can I apply jointly with a spouse, use collateral, or have a co-signer? check-mark